Aaron Stuber
Aaron Stuber
Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Lifestyle as Medicine

Applying the latest research in Lifestyle Medicine to prevent, arrest and reverse chronic disease.


The Situation

Debilitating and preventable chronic disease is bankrupting our healthcare system and poses an imminent economic threat. If trends continue, by 2023, chronic disease cases will increase by 42 percent, to 230 million, costing $4.2 trillion in treatment and lost economic output.



Of annual healthcare spending in the u.s. is on preventable chronic disease.



of Americans are overweight or obese with projections continuing to rise.



million americans are affected by chronic disease; nearly 40% of the population.


The Solution

We have known for decades now that 80% of chronic disease can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes. Going beyond prevention, we now understand that those same conditions (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc) can be arrested and often reversed without drugs or procedures.

Lifestyle Medicine creates true healthcare reform by addressing the root cause of disease rather than mitigating symptoms.


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As a Registered Nurse with a wide range of clinical experience, Health Coach, athlete and Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Aaron has the passion and expertise to guide people safely towards a healthier lifestyle.

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